A Monster List of Communications & HR Infographics

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s only a matter of time: You propose an idea based on years of experience, but your client isn’t convinced and wants to think about it. Later, someone else makes the same argument with a pretty infographic published by an agency 1,000 miles away. Suddenly the client is on board!

It’s a fact of business life that external research (especially from big name sources) is usually seen as more credible than the real-life experience of someone sitting next to you. It’s also a fact that most people prefer a pretty visual to a wordy explanation, at least in the early stages of a process.

You can take advantage of these facts by arming yourself with graphics and research that support your ideas. Here’s a list of communications- and HR-related infographics that might help:


General Communications

Evolution of Communication in Business

The 7 Cs of Effective Communication

The Cost of Ineffective Communication

Creating Valuable Content

Graphic Design

Rules of Graphic Design

Email Design Best Practices


The Psychology of Fonts

Guide to Professional Typography Usage


The Psychology of Color

The Influence of Color

Color Science

Why Are Brand Colors So Important?


Logo Drafting

Color Emotion Guide: Learn What Emotions Your Logo Represents

Website Strategy and Design

The Anatomy of an Effective Home Page

Key Principles of Effective Web Design

Recipe for the Perfect Landing Page

Why Your Company’s Intranet is Failing

Your Intranet: As Nature Intended

The Social Intranet and Who is Using It

Sharepoint 101

The State of Sharepoint

Beyond Sharepoint Basics

26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website

Career Sites: Taking Your Recruits Where You Want Them to Go

How Important is a Well-Designed Career Site?


In Plain English, Please!

Storytelling vs Corporate Speak

10 Commandments of Business Writing

Social Media

Social Media in the Employee Life Cycle

Internal Social Media

How to Train Your Employees to Handle Your Social Media

How Business Use Social Media

Social Media and the Workplace

Social Collaboration at Work

5 Most Common Risks of Social Media Use and Corporate Compliance


How the Web is Reinventing Employee Training

Why Mobile Learning is the Future of Workplace Learning


Color Quick Guide

Printing Costs: Home vs Online vs Local Print Shop

Plastic Card Printing

Choosing Between Printing Methods

The Value of Variable Digital Print and Print on Demand

Eco-Friendly Printing

Popular Printing Techniques

Envelope Size Chart


Human Resources

HR & Leadership

HR Dos and Donts

How Generation Y is Changing HR

Leadership Disconnect

HR Perception vs Reality

Things We Love and Hate about HR

Getting Down to Business with HR

FMLA Absences by Industry

The Management Culture


The Importance of Employee Benefits

Trends in Employee Benefits

Money Talks: Communicating Employee Benefits

Engagement Strategies for Employee Health Programs

Employer vs. Employee Perspectives on Employee Health and Incentives

Workplace Incentives

The Benefits Dilemma

EAP Call Trends

Health Plan Administrative Costs and Profits


The State of Corporate Wellness Programs

The Importance of a Healthy Workplace

Workplace Wellness

Why Corporate Wellness?

Stress and Your Health

Retention, Engagement & Satisfaction

Employee Engagement

4 Types of Employee Engagement Communication

Dollars and Sense of Employee Engagement

Tools That Incentivize Engagement

What is Employee Engagement Anyway?

The Impact of Staff Contribution

Motivating Today’s Workforce

Brand Ambassadors vs Disengaged Employees

Credibility & Trust

Trust, Leadership and Employee Engagement

Employee Trust Barometer


Reasons Why Your Employees Quit

Mobility as a Way to Retain Employees

More Than Half of Your Executive Employees are Poised to Walk Out

Changes in Employee Tenure

Employee Satisfaction

2013 Work/Life Balance

Workplace Stress

What Makes a Happy Worker

5 Surefire Ways to Destroy Employee Morale

What Makes Employees Unhappy

10 Ways to Create an Employee-Friendly Environment

Fighting Workplace Woes

What Women Want at Work

Recognition & Motivation

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

The Power of Praise

The Value of Thanking Employees


Onboarding for Dummies

Successful Onboarding in the New Economy

Create a Successful Process for Onboarding New Talent

Performance Management

Performance Management Stats

Performance Review Process and Talent Management

Purpose-Driven Performance Management


Best Places to Find Quality Talent

Why Mobile Recruiting?

Social Media and the Effect on Recruitment

Employee Referral Stats

What Does It Take to Recruit a New Employee?

Career Sites: Taking Your Recruits Where You Want Them to Go

How Important is the Candidate Experience?

How Important is a Well-Designed Career Site?

Employer Branding

Employer Branding 2012

The Growing Power of Employer Brands

Disclaimer: I didn’t create any of these graphics, so I can’t vouch for their accuracy.

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